Are you all recovered from yesterday?
I’m finding it hard to wake up today, may need a third coffee….

IMG 3856

Yesterday I lit my special candle along with other friends – a group of us who gather in spirit and in a yahoo group.
It wasn’t long until the fire was lit too. 

IMG 7992 1

More hare/bunny presents.

IMG 7989

After lunch we played the Santa game (from the crackers), last year we were racing reindeer.  
Wonder what next year will be? 

FullSizeRender 15

Today is wet, muddy and cold.
This was the ford about 11am.  Usually you can walk over but today it would be above my head.
And its still raining so we’re keeping a close watch. 
Hibernating and munching left overs, keeping warm and chilling out are the order of the day. 

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