…For January

I can only apologise for not blogging for almost a whole month 🙁  
How did that happen?

I’ve been so very busy both in body and mind with really important, stressful and time consuming family stuff, thats the only excuse. 

The hares are cut out and sealed with fray check.
Not yet sewn on the dress, just sort of hanging about in different positions to see how they look. 

I’m desperate to get on with a few more, but waiting on a new pair of glasses.  
That’s been a real test of patience and time too.
Boots Opticians initially gave me glasses with the wrong prescription in one eye(!), then corrected this….. and the mid-focus was completely out.  I couldn’t see the computer monitor without squinting.
And then the glasses themselves, all £500 worth started to fall apart!
Refund time. 

So back to an independent opticians, Zeiss lens ordered for the Lindberg frames I have already.
Should be here within three weeks.

Anyway here are the hares….. and tomorrow I’ll show you some photographs and discuss how you can make something really special using two simple apps on your phone.

2016 01 04 14 48 15

2016 01 04 14 58 33

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