Train gin day…. (as the Mac wants it to be) or rather TRAINING day.

I could happily sit on a train drinking gin…… preferably the Orient Express heading to Venice. (One day)

I’ve just “finished” an 8 week training course…. but it never ends, the strategy is to maintain motivation and continue to increase fitness. 

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 Also completed the course on Art Nouveau Across Europe – run online by Oxford University.  They always deliver very good courses.

Despite it being a very tough few months I do feel a sense of achievement and with a stitching retreat in two weeks I feel I might actually achieve in the needle and thread department soon……. and Festival of Quilts is well and truly booked!  Roll on August.


One thought on “Accomplishments

  • 11/04/2016 at 2:01 pm

    Not sure just what your course was. I went on a Fibromyalgia Pain Management workshop (NHS) for 9 weeks at the turn of the year. Very helpful…including the concept that you don't have to try to do all of the ideas at one time!
    They said they have found it is the people who are doing all sorts (and that other people rely on to do even more) who tend to be the ones who have fibro. I wondered if it may have been that we are the ones who get more frustrated when we can't keep doing all that! Maybe others have it, but as they don't do as much, they aren't as bothered? 😉

    They are big on what they call pacing. Which if I actually stopped every 3-5 minutes and did something else I would go spare. but at least it is making me aware and I stop sooner, instead of pushing on through. and not giving myself grief for 'not focussing' so it is alright to be in the kitchen every so often for another cup of tea or something. Apparently, the pacing will at least keep you from getting worse faster and may help you to slowly get to where you can do a bit more because you are not always doing boom and bust. Or if you do choose to push ahead to do something, it is because you decided it was worth it, but you plan in recovery days.

    Okay, this is becoming a book and I have been at CQ AGM today! Ha! Well, I did have a nap when I came home and Jim did dinner.

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