Firstly I want to give a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Richmond and Leyburn EG for the warm welcome on Thursday.
I gave a talk on “Land of the Far Horizons” and met some lovely people.

The first talk in a series I have planned for the next …mmm….. decade maybe.
Because….(drum roll)

Ideas are forming!  
Oh yes finally, after all this time….
The sketchbook is filling up! 

I’ve been on some lovely walks to Bamburgh

2016 04 07 16 37 59

The the National Trust house at Cragside

2016 04 09 14 30 08 2 

The garden is starting to look Spring like and the tulips to the right of the path are almost blooming.
I call these “Mums tulips”, as I planted them in November 2014 when we first heard she was ill…. and then they bloomed beautifully the following April after she had gone.

The left side of the path has a new rose hedge – Queen of Sweden from David Austin.
I’m looking forward to seeing that bloom and walking past it several times a day to literally smell the roses. 

2016 04 10 16 02 37

I’ve been sampling some dyeing on old linen sheets and tablecloths.

2016 04 13 12 06 16

Cutting out new dresses on the kitchen table. 

I need several more hours in the day and several more days in the week.
Very busy and loving it. 

2016 04 12 18 54 39