Leaving a very cold, dull Newcastle behind last Thursday morning.
I froze on Berwick train station wearing thin summer clothes (Berwick 7 degrees C, London 22, just a bit of a difference). 

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Arriving in London and taking a taxi to the V&A.
First stop lunch.

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Look up….. the cafe is truly beautiful. 
One of the best. 

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The outside space is pretty special too, with the lake and the new sculpture installation.
The Elytra Filament Pavillion 

The Botticelli Reimagined Exhibition was wonderfully in its depth.
Looking firstly (and unexpectedly first) at the most modern interpretations of the work in fashion and art, then taking us through the pre-Raphaelite era of Burne-Jones and Rossetti.  (Which you know I truly love).
Then onto the man himself.
The female portraits were stunning.
The later work not so much – but you understand why once you have read that he was in a time and place of a religious uprising.
Where beautiful women were a sin, where painting beautiful devotional images were deemed lustful and so Botticelli began to paint ….. well, “badly”. 

 The next exhibition was Undressed : A Brief History of Underwear

I’d be very happy to be born into an era of corsets.
But certainly not Edwardian times where the corset really did disfigure in the name of fashion.