Buckingham Palace 

I’ve never visited before so it was wonderful to not only see the State Rooms but also the Queens Dresses.
The dresses are on exhibition at the three palaces (I hope to get to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh soon).

No photographs inside of course.
Here’s a link instead. 

I met up with friends and we headed inside.

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I was excited to be going to see the Coronation dress and Wedding dress, unfortunately because of the way they were displayed it was impossible to get close up to see much of the embroidery.

It was also VERY busy, despite the timed ticket.

But it was worth it, the rooms are gilt upon gilt upon gilt.
Just as a royal palace should be.

The dresses were well displayed (apart from the two mentioned imho) and you realise how small the Queen is.
(Though probably still taller than me.  Almost everyone is.)

2016 08 13 16 23 37

Afterwards we went shopping for souvenirs and the gold (of course) carrier bag.
Then ice creams to cool down. 

I came home with a tea towel (how old am I?)
An Andy Warhol version of course

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 Also purchased a jute shopping bag, adorned with lions, crowns and such – which proved useful for dirty laundry.
Is this a treasonable offence?