Last Christmas I had a mad moment and booked a night away for our wedding anniversary.
Not something we usually do, but I felt, even at Christmas, that a break would be good.
We certainly needed it, though it wasn’t without its complications and wondering if we should cancel in the week before.

First stop Berwick-upon-Tweed for the train to Edinburgh.

We couldn’t park at the station (its impossible after 8am – the situation is truly dire for a small, but mainline station), so we parked 10 minutes walk away and thankfully only had small suitcases on wheels.

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We did walk past this view of the remains of Berwick Castle, I must see if you can access the bank on the other side of the River Tweed.
You’d get a good view across.

Entrance 2

Once in Edinburgh we grabbed a taxi to our destination.

The Witchery by the Castle.
Not a hotel, but a restaurant with rooms.
Literally a stones throw from the castle gates at the top of the Royal Mile.

2016 09 13 16 18 30 entrance

DH heading to the reception.

2016 09 13 16 18 45 2
This gives you a flavour of the theatrical gothic nature of the place.
How could you do anything else in Edinburgh?
Its such a gothic city and in an area where witches were once hunted at a Kings insistence and burnt near the Castle entrance.

2016 09 13 11 42 04 ed

We dropped off the bags and went for a stroll down the Royal mile, meandering and wandering into hidden places.
This is St Gles Cathedral.

2016 09 13 11 49 19 1

Beautiful stained glass window.  
Love the depictions of women. 

2016 09 13 11 54 50Ed 2

The great thing about Edinburgh is being able to nip down a “close” – an alleyway, and find some hidden gems.

2016 09 13 12 19 11Ed3

And some hidden gardens with typical Edinburgh entrances.
2016 09 13 13 39 32

PP QGE exhib full

We had lunch at Holyrood Palace, viewed “Painting Paradise – The Art of the Garden” at the Queens Gallery and saw more of the Queens dresses.

2016 09 13 15 02 04Mercat Cross

Then we took a stroll back up the Royal Mile on the opposite side…

2016 09 13 15 05 37 roses grave

You can’t visit Edinburgh without noticing its graveyards.
These roses caught my eye. 

2016 09 13 15 24 46 john knox house

Ceiling inside John Knox’s house, we went in as I wanted to see inside a C16th house.
DH spent much of his time on the phone to work (even on holiday the phone comes too). 
Anyway, look at that ceiling and carved wood work.
The layout of the rooms, from one central spiral staircase, was fascinating too. 
I have a thing about imagining life in “old” Edinburgh…. 

(and not just C18th from reading Outlander!)

2016 09 13 15 25 12 1

I shot this scene of street life, looking up towards the castle.
One of my favourite pictures of the two days.

2016 09 13 16 44 09 1

Back to our suite and a bottle of champagne and cookies (GF for me, its the little touches that make it special)

2016 09 13 16 21 36goldwork cushion

The embroidered cushions immediately caught my eye.

2016 09 13 16 44 34

2016 09 13 16 47 14 witchery 11

2016 09 13 16 48 07 goldwork

And the Goldwork vestment, how perfect was that?

2016 09 13 16 49 45

The chocolate actually came home with us (!) but only for a day as it was required for stress relief.

2016 09 13 18 21 55 bath

Yes, I had to use the stool to get in and out.

2016 09 13 19 01 33 jewellery

What other earrings could I have taken?  Could only wear black silk and gothic jewellery for dinner in the Secret Garden.

Secret garden restaurant(Image from the website, it was far too dark by candlelight to grab a photo)

2016 09 13 21 50 29

Glad i didn’t wear high, high heels… 

2016 09 14 10 14 38 1

The next morning DH wanted a full cooked breakfast so we headed to the second restaurant and had coffee with the Devil.

Some people just won’t “get” this place, I adore it.
I just love the theatrical over the top touches. 

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Me, post breakfast, ready for another day of walking Edinburgh’s streets.

2016 09 14 10 41 34 Witchery 10

Always on the phone checking emails…..
You had a fabulous view from those windows, looking out at the tourists looking in.

2016 09 14 12 02 53

Another hidden gem discovered on the way down to the Scottish National Gallery.
Unfortunately the weather had turned to mizzle and drizzle….
Inspiring impression web poster
So we headed inside to see some Impressionist paintings. 
Well worth it, we’d never heard of Daubigny.
We couldn’t understand why not, when his works were wonderful. 

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