Years ago I took an online course by Flora Bowley.  I love her style of painting but haven’t indulged for a while.
I should really, I have several half painted canvases.  

It’s still very difficult to get motivated to do anything much and I know other people should not affect your life and motivation, unfortunately with me they do.  But anyway….

 These are in my kitchen, two tables and a loo seat.  
I hadn’t planned for them to be so brightly coloured, but against the mainly white walls they look wonderful.  
The one dark blue wall sets off the long table perfectly, though this won’t be it’s final resting place. 
Still lots of restructuring to do moving sinks etc. 


Hares and Swallows with Cherry Blossom and a Lotus.

2016 11 16 14 24 14

2016 11 23 16 16 21

2016 11 23 21 34 23