Somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.  Hermitage Castle in the Scottish Borders.
Reiver country at its best.
I arrived via a small, narrow road high on the moors with sheer drops and ditches either side.  I met one car.  Thank goodness, as there were less than a handful of passing places in a 7 mile stretch.
More info on the history here.2017-04-28 15.17.21.jpg
I’ve visited numerous castles around the UK and Ireland but I have never seen anything like this before.  I couldn’t stop myself saying “wow” out loud.
2017-04-28 15.30.50.jpg
It’s built in a seriously remote location, hidden in a warren of valleys.  I had a wonderfully informative chat to the warden, then wandered around….  with no one else around.  I wished I taken the “proper camera” and not just my phone (though it’s a great camera to have in your pocket).
2017-04-28 15.31.12.jpg
This is the only access from the ground.  Access in times gone by was by wooden steps to the first floor.  Its a fortress with a grim past and those stones speak a grim story.
2017-04-28 15.23.59-3.jpg
Inside is a fortress like as outside, with drop dungeons and minimal small windows.
It’s damp, dark and cold.
One of those places where you can hear the stories in the stones…..
Just LOOK at the moss and lichens on the stones.  Natures beauty in a grim setting.
2017-04-28 15.25.15-3.jpg
Somewhere I must get back to very soon before the tourists arrive.
2017-04-28 15.31.01.jpg