Since arriving home from Grasmere I really don’t know where the time has gone…. every day has been busy.
Mainly with sorting out every, single, box, tub, cupboard and shelf in the studio.
More about that later.

Meanwhile the early summer garden has strutted its stuff.
The delphiniums came crashing down in the rain a week or so ago.  They might come back once again this year, they might not.  Each year I play roulette with Mother Nature – will they survive or will She knock them down?  This year I lost.  Some years I win, so I leave them in the studio border and hope.

2017-06-18 12.06.27-1

The foxgloves have come and (mostly) gone…. do I give them a Wimbledon chop (we are too late up here for the Chelsea chop) or leave them to set seed.

2017-06-24 11.35.00-1

The wild rose is ….. well, just stunning in simplicity and beauty.2017-06-24 11.33.43-1