I’ve also spent many, many hours in June in the kitchen, ripping out cupboards and replacing the two sinks with new fittings and new purpose built cupboards.
Five coats of paint on the walls, tiles on the sink tops and surrounds (I love tiling!)
2017-06-19 09.33.432017-06-19 15.43.012017-06-19 15.43.092017-06-21 14.01.58
A final coat of paint on the floor and  then to recreate an oasis of calm….2017-07-02 15.37.29-1
A close up of the candlestick.  It was in the garden for two years looking bohemian and weird (I like weird)…. and for a change I gave it a wash and gave it a home indoors.
Beautiful textures and colours.2017-07-02 15.38.34-1