My home is in the wild, windswept and long fought over hills of northern Northumberland. My inspiration comes from an immersion in the landscape; I take long car journeys and admire the far horizons, I walk and see details in the hedgerows, I follow the colours of the seasons with photography.
I work from a studio in my garden, creating work for the wall, 3D sculptures and costumes.
I am a qualified tutor and professional lecturer. I’ve taught City & Guilds Embroidery courses and now work freelance.

Recent work has been based on hares; I admire their form, movement, character, and I have an interest concerning their place in folklore.

I’m also studying for a Masters degree in History, I’m delving into the archives; reading through kirk and court documents, finding the women who lived in the hills and the Border Lands in the eighteenth century.

This is leading to lots of ideas and thoughts for future textile work.
I can see images in my mind, some images have formed on the pages of my sketchbooks, sewing starts as soon as the pile of books decreases!

In a past life I worked in a laboratory as a molecular biologist. I prefer stitching and reading history.
Please join me on my new journey into a combination of borderland history and textiles.