After 15 years +

Of hoarding textile supplies it was time to have a big sort out.
Remember a few days ago I mentioned I had sorted through every single cupboard, box and shelf?  Sorting out things that were no longer required, or no longer part of my art practise…..
If you live in the area you’ll see that Factory Shop address?  Thats Ward Graphics – so how long ago did I buy that roll of paper?
2017-06-17 17.34.51
I even sorted BOOKS.  Don’t faint.
2017-07-01 18.26.40
I sorted out so much we needed two cars…. and it only just fitted all in.
2017-07-07 11.00.382017-07-07 11.00.51
And this was the result on Saturday, along with three other friends the sale of “stuff”.2017-07-08 08.25.42
Thank you to everyone who attended.

Kitchen revamp

I’ve also spent many, many hours in June in the kitchen, ripping out cupboards and replacing the two sinks with new fittings and new purpose built cupboards.
Five coats of paint on the walls, tiles on the sink tops and surrounds (I love tiling!)
2017-06-19 09.33.432017-06-19 15.43.012017-06-19 15.43.092017-06-21 14.01.58
A final coat of paint on the floor and  then to recreate an oasis of calm….2017-07-02 15.37.29-1
A close up of the candlestick.  It was in the garden for two years looking bohemian and weird (I like weird)…. and for a change I gave it a wash and gave it a home indoors.
Beautiful textures and colours.2017-07-02 15.38.34-1

The Illusion of TIME

Since arriving home from Grasmere I really don’t know where the time has gone…. every day has been busy.
Mainly with sorting out every, single, box, tub, cupboard and shelf in the studio.
More about that later.

Meanwhile the early summer garden has strutted its stuff.
The delphiniums came crashing down in the rain a week or so ago.  They might come back once again this year, they might not.  Each year I play roulette with Mother Nature – will they survive or will She knock them down?  This year I lost.  Some years I win, so I leave them in the studio border and hope.

2017-06-18 12.06.27-1

The foxgloves have come and (mostly) gone…. do I give them a Wimbledon chop (we are too late up here for the Chelsea chop) or leave them to set seed.

2017-06-24 11.35.00-1

The wild rose is ….. well, just stunning in simplicity and beauty.2017-06-24 11.33.43-1